Bob Reina is a well known name in many different circles. He’s one of the foremost names in many charitable circles. Sometimes for direct donation. Other times he’s helped charitable organizations by providing them with technological help. But he’s expanding that helping hand in a new way. By moving his company, Talk Fusion, into the educational sphere.


This new program is known as Talk Fusion University. Talk Fusion University is intended to act as a business training program. But it’s a training program very different from most of what’s out there.


The biggest difference comes from the involvement of Reina himself. He’s a man who has over 25 years of practical experience within one of the most competitive and complex industries. And in his time he’s not only succeeded, but outright flourished. And he’s been able to do it the right way. By championing innovation and helping with charitable works along the way.


He attributes much of that success to a four step program he figured out along the way. And he sees Talk Fusion University as a way of sharing that program with others. It’s hardly his first time helping to teach people. For example,he’s a frequent contributor to the HuffPost. And in this instance he’s getting a chance to really shine.


But all of this comes together with the nature of his success. Because Reina isn’t just a successful businessman. He’s successful in an industry which holds communication as the basic foundation of everything else. And his work with Talk Fusion shows exactly why he’s such a perfect person to lead this effort.


He founded Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007. This around the same time that smartphones were starting to really take off. Talk Fusion rose up in a period where the battle between smartphones was fragmenting the telecommunications industry. But he created Talk Fusion to unite this landscape into a unified whole. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOihUBWQy5-3QlEKA7s-4-A


He started offering services which could create communication and even marketing efforts between any type of device. Even handheld and desktop systems were able to work under the Talk Fusion framework. And he helped push Talk Fusion’s services into almost every sphere. From business, to personal and even charitable organizations.

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