Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent blogger who is practicing law. He loves to post new articles, and one of his entries talks about how “knockout” stocks can be a great help for employers, most importantly those who are thinking of terminating the employee stock benefit. Most companies in the United States no longer offers an employee stock benefit. One of the reasons why an employee stock benefit is no longer an option for the employees is because of the high cost attributed to it. Companies would like to save money, so they decided to terminate the program.



However, Jeremy Goldstein is thinking another reason why. He is thinking that the reason why the employee stock benefit is no longer offered to the employees is that they fear the drop of stock prices, the required reports containing the company’s expenses, and because the employee no longer wants to receive stocks but money instead. Employers in the United States never realize that providing an employee stock benefit can be beneficial to the company and the employees themselves. Several companies which are working in the financial industry have stated that employee stock benefits can be substituted for salary increases. They also highlighted the fact that these plans are easier to obtain and give out. It also gives the employees the chance to show their worth to the company and be rewarded later on. He believes that the employee stock benefit should never be removed from the policies of the company. He added that stock management would leave so many people fascinated by how the financial world works, and they could become financial literates.



Having more than 15 years’ worth of experience by working with different corporations, Jeremy Goldstein realized that most corporations do not have personnel who has legal knowledge, which could help them out during legal lawsuits. He is offering his services to giant corporations, and he keeps them up to date regarding some lawsuits that will be filed against them.



Jeremy Goldstein keeps on being an entrepreneur and a lawyer, and he keeps on writing articles which are enjoyable to reach. Jeremy Goldstein stated that he would continue to write something on his website, hoping that more people will be reached by his insights. Currently, Jeremy Goldstein’s is happy doing his work and being an educator too in the future.


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