According to Diana Wertz, a digital marketing expert, the power of the crowd is very significant in determining what a consumer decides to purchase. It is the product’s reviews from customers that will influence someone towards making a purchase of the product. That is why Savvy brands capitalize in review-centric marketing strategies.


Fabletics was launched in 2013. Since then, the brand has increased its revenues a hundred fold and given employment to millions of people. Fabletics success has been credited to the way people have embraced the crowd reviews. The growth of Fabletics has been leveraged by prominence of customers’ reviews of the brand. Customer reviews have been found to drive customer acquisition, loyalty and retention of brands.


Customers’ reviews about a brand are highly trusted. Most of the consumers today are living digital lives. They therefore do lot of online review of various products and services. This highly influences their decision making process. it has become a norm for customers to research on a business, read its reviews and then decide. This helps in crowd sourcing purchase decision of the brands.


Today, customers no longer trust the traditional methods of marketing and advertising. There is a power in the feedback of customers concerning products and services. Those smart in doing their business today have understood the power of crowdsourcing and embraced it.


A study was conducted recently on customers and feedback information of products. It was found out that half of the surveyed customers reviewed a product before buying. Over 60% acknowledged that negative reviews about a product can cause them not to buy the product. This implies that business reputation is of great importance in influencing buyers. Genuine reviews were found to boost business sales. They capture more customers hence increased revenue turnover. It is a good business strategy to incorporate reviews in the product offerings.


Positive reviews of a brand have been found to improve the search ranking of the brand. This is according to a study conducted by Moz. It makes a brand appear often on the Google search results. Products with more reviews were found to rank higher on the Google search. Reviews have been found to drive revenue and to drive valuable repeat customers.


Business people are now looking for more review options than ever before. Customers usually visit a brand website to review research; understand the brand before buying it. Fabletics acknowledges that crownt customers sourcing has benefited their brand and forced them to be transparent. They run their business with empathy and data.



About Kate Hudson’s Take On The Winning Athleisure Brand


Kate Hudson has been success ever since she started Fabletics. During an event at the Hollywood where Fabletics and Demi Lovato launched their collaboration, Demi Lovato acknowledged that Fabletics has great clothes and that they inspire and empower women to be strong. This was a great plus for Kate.


Fabletics has been an athleisure brand. The company is now worth more than 250 million dollars. This is a great achievement since Kate has got no background in business.