Did you ever wonder if your current nutrition program is right for you? Are you sure you are taking enough-or not enough of certain supplements? Introducing IDLife; a nutrition program that takes the guesswork out of what’s right for you based on your unique nutrient needs.

IDLife is a personalized nutrition and supplement company. IDLife stands for “Individually Designed Life”. You begin your program with an ID Assessment which considers your unique nutritional needs. They take into account your medications, dietary habits, and allergies to design a program that’s right for you and will work for you-based on a revolutionary scientific approach.

The program focuses on three simple steps. First, you will begin with a nutritional shake in the morning. In the afternoon, you take a hydration product that contains the electrolytes you need and prevents dehydration, a common problem in this busy world we live in.

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Third, you will have a full set of nutritional supplements in the evening based on your unique needs followed up with a “sleep strip”-a refreshing mint flavored strip that melts on your tongue and promotes a full nights sleep; which we know is essential for energy and better productivity the following day.

These steps take as little as 3-5 minutes a day to follow the program and will give you more focus and better energy.

There are also other beneficial products such as a skin care system, energy shots, bars and an appetite control formula.

And if you’re looking for extra cash or even a new career, the company offers a home-based business plan. But don’t worry about having to go door to door; there’s a well thought out plan based solely on internet marketing that you can do right in the comfort of your own home.

IDLife products’ customized vitamin plan does not use fillers or additives. Their products are low in sugar, gluten free, GMO, soy, and resin free.

IDLife’s slogan is “Healthy Simplified”. And so it is. For more information, go to https://idlife.com to begin your individually designed program today.

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