Since 2003, the price of sequencing a full human genome has dropped from well over $100 million to less than $5,000. Eric Lefkofsky, the founder of volume discount giant Groupon, says that in the coming years, the price of sequencing a full human genome will likely drop to less than $100. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the effects of medical treatments at the highest levels of granularity. Within ten years, Lefkofsky believes that it will be standard procedure to tailor drugs specifically to the patient who needs them.

But Lefkosky says that while this vast new source of data creates almost boundless opportunities, it also creates huge and complex problems. Old methods of data analysis quickly fail under the herculean workloads required by such technologies as genome sequencing. Large-scale artificial intelligence solutions must be deployed to make sense of the new sea of data and learn more about Eric.

The company, founded in 2016, is among the only firms currently working on bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics solutions to the medical field. Lefkofksy says that one of the areas most in need and poised to gain the most from this new marriage of Big Data analytical techniques with the ocean of data provided by genomics is the field of oncology. With a more nuanced understanding of the factors that make one cohort of patients respond better than another to a given treatment, it may be possible to slowly begin stringing together small gains that, in total, could snowball into massive improvement in mortality for many different types of cancers and more information click here.

However, he is optimistic that with new technologies, such as AI and CRISPR, that it will become possible to control many cancer types to an extent that patients will be able to live nearly normal lives with the disease. He also believes that these new data analysis techniques will allow for even more effective precision medicines that will all but eliminate the horrible side effects of the old chemotherapeutic regimes and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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