The achievements and philanthropic role of Betsy DeVos

Upon undertaking a lifestyle that’s not only reformist but also political, Betsy DeVos is a reformer in consideration of excellence. Starting at Calvin College, she has managed to undertake different committees regarding party organizations, political action inclusive of such positions as serving as the Michigan Republican Marty’s acting chairperson. He gave service at the capacity for as long as six years. From the look of things, the reformist tendency is found within the family. This is evident in the nomination of Dick DeVos in the year 2006. The appointment made him the Republican Party’s gubernatorial candidate.


Additionally, she continually indulges in innovative remedies to social challenges in different fields such as politics and business. It is for this reason that she presently serves as the chairperson of the Windquest Group. The ownership of the group is private. Through working unitedly with Dick DeVos, Betsy established the Group in the year 1989. At this time, they enhance the operation of several firms whose activity engages the areas of manufacturing, clean energy as well as technology.


It is worth appreciating the philanthropic endeavors of Betsy DeVos as it is what makes her outstanding compared to the rest. Such explains her chairing duty at Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. This adds up to her other investments in several charity programs in several sectors. The areas include, but not limited to, Kids Hope USA, the Education’s Excellence Foundation, Mars Hill Bible Church together with the Arts Management’s DeVos Institute. Her prominence alongside the educational choice movement’s advocacy, she gave service at the Alliance for School Choice. Additionally, she became the American Federation for Children’s chairperson.


The foundation’s effort is significant in different sectors particularly the health sector. The foundation offers a lot of support regarding pediatric oncology. This is evident in a hospital whose naming is done after the mother-in-law of Betsy DeVos.


Additionally, the Family Foundation is a sponsor of both Christian Private Schools that are under the management of Potter’s House. Outside of politics and academics, it is worth appreciating the extension of her philanthropy to both the arts as well as health. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that the foundation has continually been among the financiers of the bonanza event that takes place at Grand Rapids yearly.


Her husband formerly served as the president of Amway which is a large company dealing with direct marketing. The fact that his father is its founder implies that it secured DeVos family fortunes. The fact that their philanthropy has been in operation for a while gives evidence to why it is currently in the list of the conservative sponsors of different think tanks, the legal groups as well as institutes of leadership. This implies that every role that we partake demands hard work, persistence, and commitment to the course of duty.


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How Fabletics Has Embraced The Power Of Crowdsourcing In Growing Their Business

According to Diana Wertz, a digital marketing expert, the power of the crowd is very significant in determining what a consumer decides to purchase. It is the product’s reviews from customers that will influence someone towards making a purchase of the product. That is why Savvy brands capitalize in review-centric marketing strategies.


Fabletics was launched in 2013. Since then, the brand has increased its revenues a hundred fold and given employment to millions of people. Fabletics success has been credited to the way people have embraced the crowd reviews. The growth of Fabletics has been leveraged by prominence of customers’ reviews of the brand. Customer reviews have been found to drive customer acquisition, loyalty and retention of brands.


Customers’ reviews about a brand are highly trusted. Most of the consumers today are living digital lives. They therefore do lot of online review of various products and services. This highly influences their decision making process. it has become a norm for customers to research on a business, read its reviews and then decide. This helps in crowd sourcing purchase decision of the brands.


Today, customers no longer trust the traditional methods of marketing and advertising. There is a power in the feedback of customers concerning products and services. Those smart in doing their business today have understood the power of crowdsourcing and embraced it.


A study was conducted recently on customers and feedback information of products. It was found out that half of the surveyed customers reviewed a product before buying. Over 60% acknowledged that negative reviews about a product can cause them not to buy the product. This implies that business reputation is of great importance in influencing buyers. Genuine reviews were found to boost business sales. They capture more customers hence increased revenue turnover. It is a good business strategy to incorporate reviews in the product offerings.


Positive reviews of a brand have been found to improve the search ranking of the brand. This is according to a study conducted by Moz. It makes a brand appear often on the Google search results. Products with more reviews were found to rank higher on the Google search. Reviews have been found to drive revenue and to drive valuable repeat customers.


Business people are now looking for more review options than ever before. Customers usually visit a brand website to review research; understand the brand before buying it. Fabletics acknowledges that crownt customers sourcing has benefited their brand and forced them to be transparent. They run their business with empathy and data.



About Kate Hudson’s Take On The Winning Athleisure Brand


Kate Hudson has been success ever since she started Fabletics. During an event at the Hollywood where Fabletics and Demi Lovato launched their collaboration, Demi Lovato acknowledged that Fabletics has great clothes and that they inspire and empower women to be strong. This was a great plus for Kate.


Fabletics has been an athleisure brand. The company is now worth more than 250 million dollars. This is a great achievement since Kate has got no background in business.

IDLife Offers Personalized Nutrition And Weight Management Program

Did you ever wonder if your current nutrition program is right for you? Are you sure you are taking enough-or not enough of certain supplements? Introducing IDLife; a nutrition program that takes the guesswork out of what’s right for you based on your unique nutrient needs.

IDLife is a personalized nutrition and supplement company. IDLife stands for “Individually Designed Life”. You begin your program with an ID Assessment which considers your unique nutritional needs. They take into account your medications, dietary habits, and allergies to design a program that’s right for you and will work for you-based on a revolutionary scientific approach.

The program focuses on three simple steps. First, you will begin with a nutritional shake in the morning. In the afternoon, you take a hydration product that contains the electrolytes you need and prevents dehydration, a common problem in this busy world we live in.

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Third, you will have a full set of nutritional supplements in the evening based on your unique needs followed up with a “sleep strip”-a refreshing mint flavored strip that melts on your tongue and promotes a full nights sleep; which we know is essential for energy and better productivity the following day.

These steps take as little as 3-5 minutes a day to follow the program and will give you more focus and better energy.

There are also other beneficial products such as a skin care system, energy shots, bars and an appetite control formula.

And if you’re looking for extra cash or even a new career, the company offers a home-based business plan. But don’t worry about having to go door to door; there’s a well thought out plan based solely on internet marketing that you can do right in the comfort of your own home.

IDLife products’ customized vitamin plan does not use fillers or additives. Their products are low in sugar, gluten free, GMO, soy, and resin free.

IDLife’s slogan is “Healthy Simplified”. And so it is. For more information, go to to begin your individually designed program today.

Eric Lefofsky Taps into Sea of Data provided by Genomics

Since 2003, the price of sequencing a full human genome has dropped from well over $100 million to less than $5,000. Eric Lefkofsky, the founder of volume discount giant Groupon, says that in the coming years, the price of sequencing a full human genome will likely drop to less than $100. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the effects of medical treatments at the highest levels of granularity. Within ten years, Lefkofsky believes that it will be standard procedure to tailor drugs specifically to the patient who needs them.

But Lefkosky says that while this vast new source of data creates almost boundless opportunities, it also creates huge and complex problems. Old methods of data analysis quickly fail under the herculean workloads required by such technologies as genome sequencing. Large-scale artificial intelligence solutions must be deployed to make sense of the new sea of data and learn more about Eric.

That’s where Lefofsky’s latest startup, Tempus, comes into play. The company, founded in 2016, is among the only firms currently working on bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics solutions to the medical field. Lefkofksy says that one of the areas most in need and poised to gain the most from this new marriage of Big Data analytical techniques with the ocean of data provided by genomics is the field of oncology. With a more nuanced understanding of the factors that make one cohort of patients respond better than another to a given treatment, it may be possible to slowly begin stringing together small gains that, in total, could snowball into massive improvement in mortality for many different types of cancers and more information click here.

Lefkofsky says that it is quite possible that there will never be an actual cure for many types of cancer. However, he is optimistic that with new technologies, such as AI and CRISPR, that it will become possible to control many cancer types to an extent that patients will be able to live nearly normal lives with the disease. He also believes that these new data analysis techniques will allow for even more effective precision medicines that will all but eliminate the horrible side effects of the old chemotherapeutic regimes and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Marc Sparks Offers Some Insight About the Nature of Communication

Marc Sparks is a well known figure in the business world. He’s sometimes known as a serial entrepreneur. As a venture capitalist, he’s also been able to launch the careers of countless successful people. However, it can sometimes be easy to get so focused on individual accomplishments that the underlying methodology is ignored. That’s why it’s always important to listen closely when figures such as Marc Sparks actively discuss what constitutes a successful business venture. It also should go without saying that when the speaker’s actions follow that advice then it’s generally something which everyone could benefit from. Learn more:


This all circles around one very important event in Marc’s life. After 17 years in the same location he’s moved to somewhere new. One of the most noteworthy things about this move is the timeframe. When someone’s been doing well in one location it can be assumed that he’d need to have very strong motivation to risk any kind of change. When reporters talked to Marc, it became obvious that he had indeed put quite a bit of thought into it. Learn more:


The main point of his move has to do with his work as a venture capitalist. In that role he’s worked to help build up companies and even individuals into something successful. Obviously part of this comes down to recognizing great ideas. But in some ways it’s like growing a plant. The seed is obviously important. But if it doesn’t have the right environment it’s not going to flourish. The plant needs the right amount of sun, water and soil. Likewise there’s a lot of elements which a successful business venture needs to go from a great idea to a successful venture.


What Marc Sparks has done is create a whole new office environment constructed around his business ideals. He’d noticed that there’s a particular flow of information and communication inside the most successful companies. As a venture capitalist hoping to make that happen, he needed to optimize that flow of communication as much as possible. This is a well researched idea that he’s put considerable time and effort into refining over the years. After 35 years working to mentor people and help them achieve success, Marc Sparks knows what kind of environment can produce it. Before finalizing the space he even studied over a dozen workplaces to test some of his ideas. Everything worked exactly as expected and he’s finally achieved a business dream that few people could turn into a reality.


Marc Sparks now has a ready environment where his entrepreneurial spirit can be used to optimal effect. He estimates that environment accounts for around 25% of what makes a business succeed. This is a remarkably large number, and even more so when one considers how much expert mentorship can help. Between the expertise of Marc Sparks and the benefits of his new location, it’s clear to see that he’s ready to create some business superstars. Learn more: